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World Live Gamers (WLG) is proud to present the legendary Street Fighter 5 Canada tournament, live in Calgary, Alberta at the Downtown Sheraton Hotel on Saturday February 1, 2020. All gamers are well come to join to win the Street Fighter 5 trophy.

How To Enter Tournament and Rules

  • Tournament is limited to 600 gamers
  • Age 15 years old and up
  • Registration fee is $10 for us to track your states
  • To enter tournament is $25 and play to win grand prize
  • You can bring a max of 5 supports or entourage
  • All skill levels are welcome

What Your Playing To Win

  • World Live Gamers Street Fighter 5 Region Trophy
  • Prize of $1,000 Cash
  • Second and Third Place Will Also Be Rewarded
  • Giveaways From Our Sponsors For Every Who Takes Part